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Lead With Success is a collaboration book 8 Latina entrepreneur influencers, with the goal of inspiring you to keep moving and working towards your dreams.

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Not sure why your branding hasn’t been working? Consider this, maybe the message is off? Maybe your message is not clear? Maybe you aren’t differentiated enough? Let’s explore the gaps.


Discover how you can automate your business with “funnel marketing”. What is funnel marketing? Basically, it’s a process for engaging your prospects so they become customers because you are offering them the exact value they are seeking. Cool, right?


Truth moment:  You can have the best product or service in the world, but if nobody knows about it, well… you know what that leads to, right? Once we have the “what” to sell, traffic is the “how” to get more eyeballs on your stuff which equal more sales. #winning


Patty Dominguez is by far one of the most incredible human beings I have ever had the pleasure to connect with in business and on a personal level. When Patty started assisting me with my Brand she truly brought out my vision in so many ways with her creativity and innovative style. She works with heart and integrity and I am blessed to still continue my journey with her. I highly recommend this woman, she can literally do anything! Tara Romano

Fitness Expert / Founder Tone & Tease, ToneandTease.com

Patty is first and foremost a great communicator with a wicked sense of humor!  She is gifted in that she has a very high degree of emotional intelligence and engages people with an honest, warm approach that is very endearing. Patty’s a servant leader…comfortable interacting with and motivating anyone! Diverse audiences are her specialty. Patty’s a motivational SuperStar Melody Miller

Fortune 50 Executive , Mondelez

Patty is a master of delivering exactly what her clients are looking for while taking them through the step by step process. Her honest and genuine approach leaves a lasting impression on everyone she collaborates with. Ciji Siddons

Founder: Ciji Siddons Enterprises , CijiSiddons.com

Patty is one the brightest individuals I have ever worked with. She has deep passion for business in general. Patty is an incredible resource for any company.

Paul Bellisario

Co-Founder, SpendSmart LLC

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