Zag to Six + Group Coaching (My Signature Program)

The Zag to Six + Project is my labor of love. I have taken the good, left the bad and created a hybrid program that is rooted in community and connection so that together we build our businesses.

The Zag to Six+ Group Coaching takes the best aspects of online training, group coaching calls, and live events and smashes them together into a seamless powerhouse of awesome… the sole goal of which is to help you amplify your message so you can grow your business just like you’ve always imagined. 

I found that the fundamentals of growing a business aren’t only in the marketing techniques you use. Sure, I’ve got favorite techniques (which I teach to my peeps), but that’s not where the money is. Here are the questions I asked myself:

How do you stand out uniquely in a crowded marketplace?

How do you create continuous value for your clients?

How do you scale so you have customers on tap?

And therein lies the magic of this program.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE… 

One-on-One Coaching

Interested in a monthly engagement together?  This model is a “Done for You” PLUS one-on-one coaching where we walk through the goals for your business, create the right mix of online and offline products so that you can scale your business.

This model doesn’t work for everyone, because of the financial investment required.  Plus, I only work with a small handful of clients at a time because of the time required.

Please fill out this form if you looking for this type of solution. I’d love to chat to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Guest on Your Podcast / Webinar / Summit?

Since early 2015 when my friend Tim Wambach and I started Boss Free Society, we’ve had the privilege of interviewing countless successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life (that’s the incredible Mike Michalowicz btw). I’ve also been on countless podcasts interviews, print interview etc., click here to contact me about participating in your event

Speaking at Your Event

Interested in me speaking at your next event?  Topics include:

  • Branding Essentials for every Entrepreneur
  • How to “ZAG” with your brand
  • Automating Your Business 101
  • You are “The Yoda” – What we can learn about branding from the little green master
  • From “Corporate Exec” to “Boss Free”, Five years later, here’s what I’ve learned and why now is the best time to be an Entrepreneur

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