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Hey there, Patty Dominguez here with episode 159 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. Today, I have a special guest, Ameet Khabra, who is a traffic expert. We dive into traffic because let’s face it, traffic is the one thing that I’m just like, ugh, traffic! So I was really interested to speak with Ameet about traffic and she not only shares her awesome story of how she started her entrepreneurial career at the age of 19, impressively, so mad respect for that, but also just to share some perspectives on traffic in general. So if you’re in that space where you’re thinking about it, that you definitely should check out this show, because I think it’ll be helpful. 
Also wanted to give a special shout out for a couple of reviews that came through, DrAnnie223, who says great podcast. I love this podcast because every episode is packed with advice that I can use. Patty is fun, smart, and gives great interview. I highly recommend this one! And then also from Golden 108, who says, insightful, practical, extremely savvy! This is a GOT-to-HAVE podcast! It’s truly helpful in practical advice, savvy insight, and encouraging inspiration for entrepreneurs. Not only is Patty the bomb in business acumen and successful experience, but she’s such a dynamic coach, constantly tapping into what is really needed. Thank you so much for those shout outs. I certainly appreciate you. And as always, if you love the show, make sure to leave a review. It’s so easy to do and highly appreciate it. Alright, so those were the announcements. I’m excited about today’s show with Ameet Khabra who is going to be sharing her perspectives on traffic. I love it. It’s so needed. All right. So with that, let’s get on with the show. And as always, here we go.


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Look up the definition of “obsessed” and you’ll find a picture of our fearless leader. Ameet has spent the last decade figuring out why people do what they do online, what prompts them to take action, and how to use this insight to make marketing work better. Today she uses that experience to design dazzling campaign strategies for our clients and teach future generations of PPC pros at the university level. Her obsession doesn’t stop at marketing, however. Ameet’s knowledge of and passion for American football has been called “excessively enthusiastic” (ask her an NFL question, we dare you). Her love for the Dallas Cowboys is second only to her love of her dogs, Luke and Leia. We count on Ameet for her transparency, her impressive ability to pivot our clients’ PPC campaigns at just the right moment to achieve maximum results, and her extensive collection of Celine Dion songs.


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