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Hey there, my friend! Patty Dominguez here with episode 160 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. Today’s a guest show with Rai Hyde Cornell. We’re going to be talking about “to freelance or not to freelance?” That is the question. So if you have been considering freelancing, I have a great conversation with Rai. She’s been building an online business for over 15 years and has been making wild and crazy should happen purely through willful energy and manifestation. So we talk about freelancing, we talk about what it takes to, to do that, to grow business to set your intention and to be purposeful about it. It was a really great conversation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy getting to know Rai a little bit more. 
Before we go on to the show, I want to bring to light that there are some really exciting things happening already in preparation for the new year, for 2023, for January, and that includes some changes that we’re making to Prolific Cafe. But then also, I wanted to share about an upcoming summit that I have where I am so excited about it, you, I’m telling you, it’s gonna blow you away. It’s good. It’s a topic that I don’t believe you’ve ever heard before. So it’s really special. And if I do say so myself, it is pretty cool. And I will share more on that probably next week, not this week. Wait for it. Hang with me. Check it out for next week, because I promise you, you are going to want to check out this summit. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Yes, it’s called an open loop and I just did it to you. But don’t worry, I have more coming anyway. Alright, so let’s get on with the show. I’m so excited about it. Here we go.


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Rai Hyde Cornell has been building online businesses for over 15 years – but she’s been making wild and crazy shit happen purely through willful energy and manifestation her entire life. From building her own marketing agency to helping large companies and solopreneurs alike build more profitable, streamlined, and joyful businesses, she’s on a mission to help people enjoy a higher quality of life while fulfilling their life’s purpose.


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