Tools I Use In My Business

I’ve researched lots of different tools. Part of that research came with a whole lot of experimentation.

The list below is a comprehensive list of tools and products that I’ve personally used in my business and more importantly they work. Please note that in some cases, the product links suggested are affiliate links – if you decide to buy, there’s no additional cost to you.

If you have questions, email me at patty{@} I will be updating this list as I come across more.

For Organization & Productivity: 

  • Evernotewhy oh why do I love you so?  This FREE tool is incredible.  Nothing keeps me more organized with my clients.  It’s the workspace to get everything done.  Add Tags, create Notebooks depending on topics, add Notes upon Notes. Makes everything searchable. I simply love Evernote. Highly recommend – in case it’s not obvious

  • Dropbox: working with your clients, you may have to swap big files, Dropbox keeps all your files in the cloud – safely.  Assign folders to specific people, store all your files here… and you get free space for referring friends. #winning!

  • Shoeboxedpicture this… before Shoeboxed:  I had my receipts stuffed in folders for tax purposes.  I would start the year with the best of intentions but inevitably I’d have to face a huge pile of unorganized receipts – so overwhelming.  Then I found Shoeboxed – you get this blue envelope, you shove all your receipts in there.  Your blue envelope gets handled by the Shoeboxed elves, who then scan all the receipts and they’re all accessible in the cloud.  The app is pretty cool too for referencing expenses… my life is forever changed… it couldn’t be easier!

  • As you can see a trend, I love automation! is a great virtual bookkeeping firm that handles my monthly bookkeeping. The onboarding process is very friendly, simple and thorough – so that you feel right at ease. Use this link and get one month of bookkeeping for FREE!  

  • 17Hats:  I’m obsessed with 17Hats because this gem of a tool has completely made my business more efficient and for that I’m supremely thankful! So what does it do? It houses your contact (CRM) with the ability to email through the tool, capturing the history in one place. Send invoices easily with already built out pricing, so you can send out proposals in lightning speed. It of course has invoicing capabilities, some bookkeeping functionality and more… I love that I can login and see what money is coming in (ahhh!) and what work I have coming in my pipeline.  I can’t recommend it enough… 

My Email Automation, Landing Pages / Webinar Funnels / Memberships all in ONE: 

  • ConvertKit:  I’ve literally tried just about any email automation you can think of… and ConvertKit is the one I prefer because of the ease of use. Especially, if you are a writer and want to incorporate “content upgrades” within your blog posts, this makes it soooo easy!  Click here for a free month 
  • Click Funnels:  So Clickfunnels has changed my life, my business and clients love it too! Why? Because with this incredible platform you can build money producing digital assets! A funnel is a way to siphon your leads that turn into clients, by offering them value (of course) as you lead them through your “funnel”.  I am a ‘funnel hacker’ through and through!  I wouldn’t be where I am in business if it wasn’t for Clickfunnels.  Did I mention I’m NOT a techny person? Yeah, it’s that great!  Get a Free Trial and test it out for yourself!   I’ll even send you one of my funnels – already set up… save yourself some time + one free 30 minute coaching call!

Social Media posting tools: 

  • SmarterQueue:  you can repurpose your social media posts with this tool, it’s been versatile because I was using MeetEdgar and felt locked in – but this tool is half the cost, click on this link for 1 Free Month…. pretty cool

For Webinars:

  • Check out Webinar Jam: what’s cool about Webinar Jam is that it uses Google Hangouts as a platform, so you can have unlimited attendees, email reminders, export your registrants, social media integration, registration pages – so much here in this easy to use tool. And the price is ridiculously affordable compared to competitive products such as Go To Webinar

  • is a tool I use  All my coaching calls, group calls, exploratory calls, calls “just because” are done on Zoom and for about $15/month you have the ability to connect with your peeps, teleconferencing has never been easier. 
  • Looking for a presentation template, Powerpoint or Keynote theme?  Graphic River – again- cheap, easy to use

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