Positioning to Profit

Here are our options for working together…

My Approach to CoachinG


What I bring is the high-level strategic business & marketing methodologies, curated from my Fortune 50 experience to the service based small business owner/entrepreneur. 

Since 2013, I’ve been mentored by the world’s best direct response experts learning cutting-edge marketing strategies that are relevant in today’s world for small business owners. 

I also have the distinct honor of being one of Jim Fortin’s Sr. Coaches. He is the leader in subconscious transformation, using brain science, transformational psychology, and ancient wisdom to help entrepreneurs transform their lives from the inside out.


One-on-One Coaching

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Positioning Intensive

Thinking about working with Patty?

Are you in the midst of change?

Do you wish that somebody which just take a look at your business and help you strategize a new direction that will help move you forward?

The Positioning Intensive is a great way to “pick my brain” on what you can quickly do to position your business / service successfully.

In just about 90 minutes, we’ll find the “drill sites” of opportunity. All the key notes are then captured in an Action Plan that I deliver to you. The Action Plan will offer you recommendations and step-by-steps to get you monetizing/back on track.

We’ll even review your Action Plan questions in a follow-up call (up to 30 mins) to help close any gaps.
If you are ready to gain clarity and actionable solutions, let’s work together.
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Virtual VIP Day


Sometimes all you need is that “who” to help you get back on track and move past the bottleneck
It’s never been easier to “pick my brain” all you want during this special VIP Virtual Day.
Now, I’m extending this problem-solving opportunity to you too.  Consider it like “Patty in Your Pocket” 😇
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Coaching:  1-on-1

My one-on-one coaching is limited and available by application only.

You will see a couple of ways that we can work one-on-one together. Whether you’d like more direction in your Positioning or ongoing support.

It is my honor to help move your business forward and connect with you. Thank you!


Our Group Coaching

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Prolific Cafe+ Membership


The Prolific Cafe Membership is exclusively for service-based women entrepreneurs who are ready to create their Category of One and build a six-figure business.
The 3 pillars of focus: are positioning, systems, and accountability.  The best part is the amazing community of Mavens – there’s truly no better space to grow and expand your career & business.
This is perfect for those entrepreneurs earning a steady income of over $2,500/month
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Prolific Cafe - mockup

Prolific Inner Circle

This six-month container is focused on leveraging automation and systems to create more passive income.

This small circle is by design and focused on increased accountability. These advanced marketing strategies help move you to multiple six figures + in your business.

Application-only admission – this is for the entrepreneur already at six figures and ready to scale. 


Looking for the perfect blend of marketing strategy and practical, easy-to-understand tips for your marketing? Patty’s approachable and effervescent style is sure to connect with your audience. Patty has been a featured speaker for masterminds, conferences, podcasts, virtual summits, and more… 

Smart People Say What?

What I was missing was this foundational work… how do I present myself and my business that is different from everyone else.  Now I’m presenting myself in such a unique way… I’m attracting the clients I want to attract.

Deni Mariscal

CEO, subconscioushealer.com/

Patty has totally changed my perspective. She will get you in your lane and help you perfectly position your business. 

And in these tough times, she will help you pivot. Whatever Patty is offering make a run for it… 

Dr. Jeri Anderson

Author, CEO, The Whiplash Doctor

As a copywriter, I understand the importance of positioning… it really is one of the fundamentals that people overlook.

I highly recommend you take Patty’s course, she is an expert. She makes it easy to understand.

Ali Edgar

Founder, aliedgar.com

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