Helping Service-Based Entrepreneurs Take the Chaos Out of Business Growth

So You Have More Leverage of Time, Money & Energy

Hi, I’m Patty Dominguez… 

and my goal is to help you simplify your business so you can stay in your zone of genius.

Whether you are a successful small business that has hit a plateau with your client acquisition or you are a solopreneur/micro-business looking for a solution to make your marketing better, I have a solution that will help you along the way.

I welcome you to explore the two distinct solutions featured here focused on helping you create more leverage.

For Businesses Ready To Scale

are you an established Small business looking for more leverage?

Mastering the art of client acquisition becomes the key to unlocking more time, energy, and financial freedom. Tailor-made for dynamic entrepreneurs, driven, high-end service providers balancing business growth, transforms the complexity of attracting and retaining premium clients into a streamlined and efficient process.

By leveraging our cutting-edge tools and strategies, you can rise above market competition, maintain your brand’s authenticity, and enjoy a smoother, more efficient business operation. It’s how you can achieve unparalleled business success, all while building a lasting legacy and securing your family’s future with ease and confidence.

For Businesses Not Yet at $10k/month

Ready to breakthrough the $10k/month ceiling?

Discover the all-in-one platform specifically designed for solopreneurs/service-based entrepreneurs. Zagly is designed to streamline your social media interactions into tangible revenue.

Consider Zagly your partner in growth, which will help you unlock the power to turn every like and comment into leads and sales. Along with the automation and systems, you’ll get complimentary access to my complete online course product suite (worth thousands of dollars).

These on-demand courses cover everything from sales to marketing, how to hire your next rockstar, and how to launch and monetize. You’ll also get access to live coaching sessions every month, ensuring you’re supported every step of the way to break that $10K/month barrier.  Discover how can be the catalyst for your business success.

Position Your Business to Profit

The More Leverage Framework

Offering a unique approach to enhancing business performance by focusing on practical and strategic aspects. This framework is tailored to help you efficiently navigate the complexities of business growth, ensuring you make the most of your resources while aiming for sustainability and success.

Positioning Foundations

This element is crucial for establishing a strong brand identity. It involves crafting a clear and compelling message, identifying and understanding your target market, and developing incomparable offers. Effective positioning sets you apart in your niche, resonates with your audience, and creates a foundation for sustainable growth.

Streamlining Systems

Central to operational efficiency, this foundation focuses on establishing robust outbound systems and building a cohesive team. These systems streamline your business processes, ensuring smooth operations and effective management. A well-structured team amplifies these benefits, driving productivity and fostering a collaborative environment.

More Leverage: time/money/energy

This foundation is all about maximizing resources. It involves strategies to utilize your time, financial investments, and energy in the most efficient way possible. Leveraging these resources means achieving more with less, enhancing profitability while maintaining a balanced work-life dynamic. This approach leads to sustainable business growth and personal well-being.


“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more” – R. Kanter

Alma Barrero

Style and Empowerment Coach,

“A big Thank you to Ms. Patty Dominguez…

The one thing that Patty has done was bringing back the investment of working with her… Patty has helped me to nail my message, to get out to the world and share my gifts in the most expansive and helping the most amount of people that I have ever helped in the past has changed my life…
This has been life-changing!“

Rachelle Holowko

Surface pattern designer, Artist and Coach from patterndesign,

“I knew that Patty is a messaging ninja so I was so excited working with her…

One of the thing that I love the most about working with Patty is that shes’s full of great ideas and will push you when you need to be push but also listens and take into your account any of your concerns to…”

Georgie Beames

Leading Weight Loss Surgery Psychologist,

“I have been working with Patty… Its been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my business.

She works at both levels, so she’s fantastic at high-level strategy… And she also can go work at the another level which is providing depth. So I just love the fact that we can go operate at both level. She has helped me transform my business…

She’s fun to work with, she’s great, I trust her…”

Padma Ali

Energy Alignment Coach,

“She helped me come up with such amazing strategies with so much ease that it made my life like a 100% easy and I can’t say enough about what working with her. Its an investment that’s going to pay off.

So I highly, highly recommend working with her.”

Raeeka Yaghmai

Founder and CEO of Dating with Confidence™,

“I was floored with my work with her because it like totally took me up to a whole different level of positioning… She’s so amazing that I can’t stop…

She’s the real deal. Patty really is educated in the field of business marketing… She really understands the psychology of how to go about branding and positioning…

I am a 100% recommending her.
Patty totally understood my market, where I was going, what I envision…
I’m really excited about this…“

Val Hemminger

Top Divorce Lawyer and Mentor,

“She has been that missing ingredient… Patty does it so magical. She walks you through step by step…

Patty has been there to guide me through that, and I’m so grateful….
Oh my gosh, you need Patty…”
So I highly, highly recommend working with her.”


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