“”Now this is a story all about how My life got flipped-turned upside down…And I’d like to take a minute…Just sit right there …”

Gen X reference:   I’m the Chandler Bing in my friend’s circle.  “Patty does something with marketing and the Internet or something… “

No “Wingus Report” – just good ‘ol fashioned business chops mixed with some modern learnings… Read on por favor

Skills to Pay The Bills…

  • Positioning Marketing Skills 98% 98%
  • Help My Client Get Out of Their Comfort Zones (In the Very Good Way) 80% 80%
  • Committed to my Core Values: Freedom, Contribution, Prosperity 100% 100%
  • My belief that success is an internal & external game  100% 100%

Hey there, I’m Patty… 

I help women entrepreneurs “position to profit” and build their Prolific Pro status.

How did I wind up here?  

In 2012, burnt out with my cushy corporate job, I made the decision to start something new. In January of 2013, I worked one day in my job (to get my bonus) and jumped “all in” to start my own business.  Best decision I’ve ever made.

While in Corporate America I learned quite a bit and had the good fortune to work with some really brilliant minds. I saw a need in the small business space, specific to positioning and that’s where I’ve been able to create the most impact. 

Positioning Marketing:  without it… you’re probably suffering from Random Acts of Marketing which leads to tepid results, right? 

Let’s do something about it… Your message matters.

Professional Background

I have over 18 years experience working with Fortune 50 Global brands. My last corporate position was leading Global Agency Strategy Relations. Having managed just under one billion dollars in spend, I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world:  Kraft Foods (and their global portfolio of brands), McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Mondelez and countless others. 

I still partake in corporate consulting from time to time, but my favorite is helping small business owners with the same concepts that the “big boys” implement.

I’m a Senior Coach for  Jim Fortin’s Group Coaching program who is known as the Leader in Subconscious Selling, Leadership & Performance. 

For more information on my Professional Background, I invite you to Check out my Linkedin Profile 


10 Random Facts About Me (Don’t Judge)

1.  I love podcasts.  I have thousands of hours under my belt.  I have two shows myself:  Positioning to Profit which features women in business and how they are creating their own movements. I also do some solo episodes covering marketing, business and mindset. 

My retired podcast: Boss Free Society which I launched with my buddy Tim Wambach, helps and inspires those people who are considering the idea of quitting their job and finally firing their “bosshole”.

2. I have a situational stutter (due to a childhood trauma); to this day, I’m always incredibly flattered beyond belief when people say, “You’re such a great speaker” or “You’re so articulate” — if they only knew how much it’s taken to get my mind right about this one topic.

3. My college years were half spent at The University of Madrid in Spain – it was cheaper to go to school abroad vs. in the U.S. Somehow I still managed to graduate in 4 years.

4.  My close friends know that I’m a bit of a germophobe, my pet peeves include people who talk with their mouth full, when people sneeze in their hands (so gross) or people who grab food with their hands at any type of self-serve buffet thing. I’m sure people can see my disgust (I’m really bad at hiding true emotions – lol!)

5. What’s on my iPhone playlist?  Disclosure, Amy Winehouse, Sabrina Claudio, Nao, Lauryn HIll, Sade, Coldplay, Morrissey, Depeche Mode, Bush, Rupaul, Jamiroquai, Bell Biv DeVoe (don’t judge of any of this) – because if you like country music, we can still be friends 🙂

6. My favorite thing to do is travel. I love experiencing new cultures and the best memories have been during my travel adventures.

7. I cannot go through the day without my “Prolific Leverage Time” where I focus on my self-care:  exercise, meditation, reading and studying topics I love. Currently, I’m obsessed with direct response copywriting, crypto trading, and spirituality (as always).

8. I love Improv – I’ve taken classes and I just love the spontaneity of being goofy and random in humor. I’m convinced I was a court jester in a former life (a really witty one).

9. I love carbs and am pissed that carbs are fattening [we have this ongoing struggle me and carbs]… lately, I’ve been doing more of an intermittent fasting lifestyle of eating and it really helps me stay focused. I’ve made peace with the fact that I’ll probably never be a size 4 like one of those Victoria Secret models {sigh}

10. I have found that the more real I am, the more authentically I connect with people, so I believe there’s sheer moxie when someone inserts a well placed “fuck” when it’s warranted in conversation. Count me in!


Ready To Work Together?

On a Personal Note

When I’m not working (which let’s face it… my work is not really work because I freakin’ love it so much):

  • Family first – I love my family – I’ve been married FOREVER to my best friend Phil (Fili en Espanol) and have two teenagers at home: 2 boys (CJ and Brandon)

  • My mom lives with us (Jesus take the wheel) but she is incredibly helpful to us and teaches my kids Spanish

  • We also have Lulu who is a very spoiled Chihuahua because we have to fulfill the Latino stereotype.  My mom’s faithful companion is her mini pomeranian Casey who is a bitchy queen.

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