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Positioning to Profit Toolbox

Give your online business a full-strength upgrade

It’s time to Position your business to Profit,
I can show you how…   

“Fix This Next” Assessment

Really successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of fixing business issues.

The challenge is finding what’s not working and if there’s more than one thing, which do you pick first?

If you don’t know the problem, how do you fix it?

Fix This Next is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Fix This Next is a unique methodology created by best-selling author Mike Michalowicz.  Mike discovered that, just like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for human beings, our businesses have a hierarchy of needs or BHN.

While most entrepreneurs focus on lead acquisition and have a focus on the creation of cash, I don’t have to tell you that business growth and productivity is multi-faceted.

Have you fully considered what’s possible in your business when you have the right structure to create a transformative sustainable business. 

Mike Michalowicz endorses |Patty Dominguez

“There’s nothing more important than knowing what to focus on next… that’s what Patty and her team can do for you…”

Positioning to Profit Quiz

Is Your Business Positioned to Profit?

Are you standing out from the crowd?
Is your positioning set up for success?
Finally, understand the key pillars of Positioning success!

Prolific Cafe - mockup

My Favorite Tools I Use In Business

Don’t let me convince you, check out some of
dear client stories for yourself:

“She has been that missing ingredient… Patty does it so magical. She walks you through step by step…

Patty has been there to guide me through that, and I’m so grateful….
Oh my gosh, you need Patty…

Val Hemminger

Top Divorce Lawyer and Mentor,

A big Thank you to Ms. Patty Dominguez…

The one thing that Patty has done was bringing back the investment of working with her…
Patty has helped me to nail my message, to get out to the world and share my gifts in the most expansive and helping the most amount of people that I have ever helped in the past has changed my life…
This has been life-changing!
Alma Barrero

Style and Empowerment Coach,

I knew that Patty is a messaging ninja so I was so excited working with her…

One of the thing that I love the most about working with Patty is that shes’s full of great ideas and will push you when you need to be push but also listens and take into your account any of your concerns to…” 

Rachelle Holowko

Surface pattern designer, Artist and Coach from patterndesign,

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