Positioning to Profit Workshops

Complimentary Online workshops and Masterclasses at your own pace.

It is more important to learn and apply. It’s the application of what you’ve learned that matters.

Here’s the thing, these concepts are going to actually SAVE you time because you are finally going to have laser-focus on how you want to show up in your business instead of shooting in the dark marketing that is keeping you stuck.


Our Online Workshop Offerings

5 Strategies to Bulletproof Your Business

ONline Workshop

In this special Workshop, Patty will share how to find your “White Space” where others are just in a crowded bloody ocean of competition
Discover t
he single most lucrative business strategy that virtually no one takes advantage of to grow their income

What the big brands do to grow their reach that solopreneurs are completely missing

The Business Trinity Workshop

Online Workshop

This workshop will review the key Pillars to have in your business so you can stand out  (hint, hint, Positioning), how to leverage your time (work less and make more, yes it’s possible!), and build a solid income foundation.  Say good bye to inconsistent income . 

Income Spectrum Workshop



Discover the 7 Key Strategies that helped me build a multiple six-figure lifestyle business even with all the craziness going on in the outside world…

This workshop is complimentary, so you can use it too for scaling your business.

How to get off the Revenue Rollercoaster


This complimentary Workshop shares the business secrets to help you get past that “feast or famine” business way of operating and move into stability.
You’ll discover the #1 place you’ll want to start even before social media. The most important asset to build in your service-based business. And, you’ll also discover options for creating more leverage in your business. 

For Coaches, Consultant, Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

All Positioning to Profit Courses workshops are for coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and small business owners who are struggling to stand out with offers.

These programs follow the “K.I.S.S.” of “keep it super simple” so that you can easily take action on what you review in the easy-to-follow lessons.

So if you are a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, a small business owner and you want to create a more empowered expert Authority in your niche, then absolutely Positioning to Profit Courses are for you.


What Our Clients Say

A big Thank you to Ms. Patty Dominguez…
The one thing that Patty has done was bringing back the investment of working with her…
Patty has helped me to nail my message, to get out to the world and share my gifts in the most expansive and helping the most amount of people that I have ever helped in the past has changed my life…
This has been life-changing!

Alma Barrero

Style and Empowerment Coach, almabarrero.com

She has been that missing ingredient…

Patty does it so magical. She walks you through step by step…

Patty has been there to guide me through that, and I’m so grateful….

Oh my gosh, you need Patty…

Val Hemminger

Top Divorce Lawyer and Mentor, valhemminger.com

Are you Ready to Give your online business a full-strength upgrade?

It’s time to Position your business to Profit,
I can show you how…


Your Premium Prospects are waiting for you…
They just haven’t heard of you yet…

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