how is your branding showing up online

how is your branding showing up online

Key takeaway: Branding is for everyone.

I often get asked by my clients why branding is important. First, branding holds your uniqueness. Branding is not only for big companies. Today, the importance of branding is now more important than ever. If you are not working on your personal brand – how do you expect to be remembered? More importantly, if you do believe you have a solid brand, when was the last time you conducted an online audit?

An online audit is easy to do. Google your name. You’ll be amazed at what will pop up. Are your online profile images professional? Or if you are representing yourself in a casual light – are they appropriate? The beer bong shot from college may still be online, remember… the internet never forgets!

Screen your online presence, check what your name is associated with, check your images. And recognize if your online presence is in coherence with how you want to be represented.

If not, no worries, you can start to drown out old images with new ones. Clean up your Linkedin Profile: add a profile picture.

Make sure your Twitter, Google+ and Facebook profiles are all up to date. I remember reading that you want your profile pictures to be the same for all platforms, helps you be more memorable and “searchable”.

Make sure that on all platforms, what you do and what you represent is consistent.

This is a great starting point – next blog I’m going to write about why branding has a huge ROI.

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