EP 185 – Facebook Group Growth Tips with Kay McKenzie

Hey there! Patty Dominguez here with episode 185 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. Thank you for being here.

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📚 Timestamped overview

[00:01:09] Facebook groups are still popular for business.
[00:03:59] Started company in Nova Scotia, marketing agency. Found success on Facebook through aligned groups. Combined spirituality and business networking. Created Women in Alignment group to connect with like-minded women and generate leads.
[00:08:51] “Optimize profile, group, and cover for success.”
[00:12:29] Done-for-you community management, content, and sales.
[00:15:21] Facilelux.com promotes classy, elegant fashion with ease.
[00:20:31] Positioning expert offers business help and reviews.


On this episode of Positioning to Profit, host Patty Dominguez welcomes special guest Kay McKenzie, the CEO and founder of Novus Copia and the creator of a thriving Facebook group with 25,000 women entrepreneurs. The episode kicks off with a discussion about the benefits of creating a Facebook group, emphasizing the importance of commitment and active promotion to attract and engage members. They delve into how being part of a community can establish the group admin as an industry expert and enhance credibility. Despite some questioning the effectiveness of Facebook groups for lead generation, Patty shares her success story with her own women in alignment group that has generated $40,000 in revenue. Kay takes the opportunity to debunk the notion that Facebook groups have lost their popularity. As they dive deeper into the topic, Patty offers three valuable tips for optimizing Facebook profiles and groups to boost engagement and generate leads. She also highlights the success of her “done for you” service, where she handles community management and strategy, guaranteeing a minimum of 100 leads and filling the sales calendar with appointments. However, she emphasizes the importance of the group host’s active involvement in nurturing and converting leads. The episode concludes with a heartfelt message from Patty, expressing gratitude to the listeners and encouraging them to leave ratings and reviews. Join Patty Dominguez on the Positioning to Profit podcast as she dives into the world of Facebook groups with guest Kay McKenzie, exploring the power of these communities, sharing insights, and providing valuable tips for maximizing lead generation and business success. Don’t miss out on this informative and engaging episode!


Based on the key facts and points provided, here are 5 things that a listener might learn from this episode:

1. The importance of actively promoting and encouraging people to join a Facebook group to attract a community of like-minded individuals and potential clients.
2. How creating a Facebook group can establish credibility and position the group admin as an expert or authority in their industry.
3. The power of having a Facebook group in attracting attention and generating leads for a business, regardless of the group’s size.
4. Tips and strategies for optimizing your Facebook profile and group to effectively communicate your message and attract the right audience.
5. The potential benefits of using Facebook groups for lead generation, as opposed to alternative platforms like TikTok or Instagram.


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Connect with Kay McKenzie


Kay McKenzie is the founder and CEO of a successful web design and digital marketing agency based in Novus Copia. Her entrepreneurial journey began when she started her own business in a foreign country, Turkey, with no circle of friends or connections. Realizing the challenge of attracting clients, she turned to online promotion, particularly through Facebook groups. As she immersed herself in various groups, she discovered a vibrant community of like-minded women promoting their businesses. However, she also noticed a gap between business networking and spiritual growth. Being a spiritual person herself, she believed that spirituality and a growth mindset were essential for any business owner. Inspired by this realization, she decided to create the Women in Alignment group, combining spirituality and networking. The group quickly attracted women who resonated with Kay’s vision. Recognizing the power of this growing Facebook community, Kay leveraged it to generate leads for her own business. Her motivation behind creating the group was to create a space for like-minded women who share an interest in spirituality, personal growth practices such as law of attraction, tapping, and meditation. Through Women in Alignment, Kay found a unique way to connect with and support other women while also driving her business forward.

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