EP 187 – The Formula for How to Get What You Want with Hilary DeCesare

Hey there! Patty Dominguez here with episode 187 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. Thank you for being here.

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📚 Timestamped overview

[00:00:00] Stop living on autopilot with Hilary DeCesare.
[00:04:24] Relaunching in life, finding success after struggle.
[00:09:18] Exciting relaunch opportunity after COVID and leaving corporate.
[00:12:09] Relaunch Queen experiences energy and meets Diana Ross.
[00:18:26] Visualize success, intensify emotions, take micro action.
[00:24:26] Tuning in process: IQ, EQ, higher self.
[00:27:47] Tuning in to find success in life.


On this episode of Positioning to Profit, host Patty Dominguez welcomes special guest Hilary DeCesare, the “Relaunch Queen” and author of “Relaunch Spark Your Heart to Ignite Your Life.” Hilary shares her process for getting out of a rut and achieving success. She guides listeners through a visualization exercise, encourages physical movement to change their state, and emphasizes the power of energy to tap into higher levels of success. Hilary also introduces the concept of the three HQ framework and shares personal stories of relaunching in her own life. Patty and Hilary discuss the importance of personal growth, gratitude, and taking control of one’s own success. Together, they go through an empowering exercise that helps listeners stop living on autopilot and become creators and attractors of opportunities. By the end of the episode, listeners will have the tools and mindset needed to get out of their rut and achieve their desired outcomes. Tune in to this energizing episode of Positioning to Profit with Patty Dominguez and guest Hilary DeCesare.


Based on the key facts and points provided, here are 5 things that a listener might learn from this episode:

1. How to break free from a rut and start creating opportunities by utilizing the three HQ framework.
2. The power of visualization and how to use it effectively to achieve desired outcomes.
3. How to tap into higher energy levels and vibrate at a higher frequency to attract success and abundance.
4. The importance of personal growth, gratitude, and taking micro actions towards one’s goals in order to grow a successful business.
5. How to change the channel and elevate oneself to create a new and intense path towards success.


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Connect with Hilary DeCesare


Hilary DeCesare is an entrepreneur and businesswoman who has experienced her fair share of relaunches and transitions in life. She began her career in high tech at Oracle Silicon Valley, where she worked for almost ten years. However, she felt that her external success didn’t reflect what was happening internally, and she made the brave decision to leave corporate life behind and pursue entrepreneurship. During this time, Hilary faced numerous challenges, including going through a divorce, raising three young children, and battling melanoma. She struggled with the guilt of not being fully present in either her personal or professional life and felt the pressure to fulfill societal expectations of women’s success. It was during this period that Hilary co-founded a business called White Space Inc., which aimed to empower individuals to create success for themselves. She realized that success doesn’t come easily or hand-delivered and that society’s expectations were often false narratives fed to women. About four years ago, Hilary experienced several personal losses, including the passing of her mother and father. These events sparked a new perspective on relaunching and leveraging wisdom at a more mature age. She recognized the value of the Lean Startup methodology and saw relaunching as a transformative process filled with potential and possibility. Hilary’s belief in relaunching and the power of wisdom led her to an unforgettable encounter at a concert with legendary singer Diana Ross. She had a moment where the energy shifted, and Diana focused her attention on Hilary. In that moment, Hilary realized that she had the ability to create impactful experiences and connections. Overall, Hilary’s journey is one of resilience, self-discovery, and the belief that relaunching and tapping into one’s inner wisdom can lead to personal and professional fulfillment.

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