EP 188 – Summer Series: Featuring Sonia Rodriguez

Hey there! Patty Dominguez here with episode 188 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. Thank you for being here.

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📚 Timestamped overview

[00:07:00] Struggle between big picture and little picture.
[00:08:49] Learn your numbers from the beginning.
[00:15:21] Resolving limiting beliefs, respecting money, self-worth.
[00:17:54] Value of coach/mentor: understanding vs knowing.
[00:21:56] Positioning expert offers content to profit entrepreneurs.

Sonia Rodriguez

Are you an entrepreneur looking to accelerate your growth and impact? Look no further than Episode 188 of “Positioning to Profit” featuring business strategist and high ticket sales and marketing expert, Sonia Rodriguez. In this Summer Series episode, host Patty Dominguez dives deep into the strategies and insights that Sonia has acquired throughout her successful career.

Sonia Rodriguez considers herself a “seer” in the business world, with the unique ability to identify gaps in entrepreneurs’ businesses and help bridge them. With her exceptional skills in seeing the bigger picture, Sonia guides her clients towards accelerated growth and impact. She believes that having a 360 vision of a business is crucial and often highlights the struggle between focusing solely on the big picture or solely on the day-to-day tasks.

During this episode, Patty makes an exciting announcement about the virtual summit she recently hosted, called “The Damn. I Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me That Virtual Summit.” This summit featured 32 women entrepreneurs sharing their three best tips for starting a business. Based on a suggestion from her client, Rosemary Metal, Patty decided to repurpose the summit content and release episodes throughout the summer, with each episode featuring one guest.

Sonia highlights the value of personal experience in understanding entrepreneurship. She emphasizes the importance of having a coach or mentor who has been through similar experiences and understands the challenges entrepreneurs face. Sonia distinguishes between understanding and knowing, with knowing being based on personal experience. She shares how her own coach, Patty, helped her take her business online and create a successful subscription model.

As the episode progresses, Sonia discusses the importance of regularly revisiting the ideal client profile. She shares her own struggles with aligning her messaging with the type of clients she wanted to work with. It took Sonia a long time to realize that the issue lay in her personal growth and changing focus. She believes that regularly revisiting the ideal client profile could have helped her identify and address the issue sooner.

Another crucial aspect Sonia emphasizes is the need to have a solid understanding of financial numbers. She discusses her personal experience with financial success in her businesses and how revenue figures can be misleading. Sonia encourages entrepreneurs to focus not just on revenue but on the bottom line and net profit as well. She recommends learning financial numbers from the beginning and suggests reading “Profit First” by Mike Macau for a deeper understanding.
Throughout the episode, Sonia shares her personal journey and the mindset shifts she had to make to overcome limiting beliefs, patterns, and old stories. She acknowledges her previous lack of respect for money and the need to change her perspective on investing. Sonia also highlights the importance of self-worth and how it has influenced her interactions with clients and sales conversations.

In this episode, you will gain valuable insights and strategies from Sonia Rodriguez to position yourself for profit. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, Sonia’s expertise will provide you with the tools you need to accelerate your growth and impact. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from a seasoned business strategist!

Remember to leave a rating and review for the “Positioning to Profit” podcast, as your feedback greatly supports content creators. Visit Sonia’s website, positioningexpert.com, for more information about her programs and how they can assist entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey. Your message matters, and with the guidance of experts like Sonia, you can confidently anchor yourself in success. Tune in to this episode and get ready to transform your business!


Here are some highlights:

1. The importance of having a 360 vision for your business: The guest, Sonia Rodriguez, highlights the significance of seeing the bigger picture, including goals, gaps, and opportunities in your business. This perspective allows you to make decisions that lead to accelerated growth and impact.
2. Finding the balance between the big picture and the little picture: Sonia discusses how some entrepreneurs get stuck only focusing on the vision, while others solely focus on execution without considering the bigger picture. She emphasizes the need to strike a balance between the two and make decisions from that perspective.
3. The value of regularly revisiting your ideal client profile: Sonia shares her personal experience and regrets about not regularly revisiting her ideal client profile. By regularly assessing and readjusting the type of clients you want to work with, you can ensure your messaging aligns with your desired audience and avoid wasting time and resources.
4. Understanding and knowing the financial numbers of your business: Sonia stresses the importance of knowing and understanding the financial numbers of your business, beyond just revenue. She discusses the need to focus on the net profit and bottom line, as well as building a relationship with numbers from the start to avoid potential pitfalls as your business grows.
5. The impact of self-worth and belief in sales conversations: Sonia talks about the significance of self-worth and belief in sales conversations. She shares her personal growth journey and how changing her perspective on investing and respecting money transformed her ability to support and anchor others. She encourages listeners to believe in themselves and their ability to stand for their clients, even in the face of doubt or uncertainty.


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Connect with Sonia Rodriguez


Sonia Rodriguez, an experienced and knowledgeable individual, has been invited to join a virtual summit hosted by the speaker. Recognizing Sonia’s expertise and her ability to provide valuable insights, the speaker was inspired to create the summit to prevent others from experiencing wasteful or unsatisfactory events. Sonia’s presence at the summit promises to bring wisdom and a wealth of knowledge gained from her time in the field. The speaker expresses their excitement and gratitude for Sonia’s participation in the event.

Sonia on Instagram: @officialsoniarodriguez


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