Patty: Welcome to Her Legacy Podcast here we celebrate women in business doing more than just climbing the corporate ladder. This is about holding a space where we celebrate what it means to be a female entrepreneur. We share the good the bad the ugly of being in business for ourselves. Our vision is way bigger than just the fancy titles. It’s about amplifying the vision. Each one of us has to leave our own dent in the world. And in doing so we’re inspiring other women to do the same. My name is Patty Dominguez and welcome to Her Legacy Podcast for legacy leaders like you.

Thank you so much for being here.This is the inaugural episode of Her Legacy Podcast. And I want to thank you for being here. Wanted to share a little bit about the podcast. What this is all about. Why did I start it? Why should you care? Who is for the whole night?So my name is Patty Dominguez I’ve been self-employed since 2013 January when I quit my corporate job have another podcast actually that talks about that whole journey about being boss free. It’s called The Boss Free Society. A And we did about 143 episodes with my friend to man back and it was really a great ride because people would ask me how did you do it. How did you quit I could never do it you do.

And fact is Yeah I did go through some planning and a lot of the emotional roller coaster around leaving your job right. Leaving the quote unquote security. So we did that for about two year or so and I absolutely loved podcast. I mean I literally consume an insane amount of podcasts and I absolutely love it. It’s a really get the impressions of what’s happening. What are the trends? Who are the people that I resonate with the most what is the messaging that I’m really passionate about.

And I am a marketing nerd. I am a self-confessed marketing nerd. I absolutely spend copious amounts of time just diving into so much information as it relates to marketing trends marketing strategy is really my sweet spot and long story short what I started to see in my coaching that I was doing with women is I started to see that there was a trend. A lot of women who had their corporate careers and they were transitioning out or they may have had a success in their career but they’re looking at something different there is something pressing something kind of going on inside their mind thinking OK what else what else.

Turns out that the White House had nothing to do with the money side of things. Sure money is great but when you’re talking about something bigger it’s not the money it’s the contribution.I don’t mean just being Servant Leader or anything like that but it’s really leaving a dent in the world. It’s like how are you creating an impact.

And then just as a byproduct the market the money comes to you it’s really amazing the way that that happens.But anyways I started to work with different clients in different areas and different themes. I started to see this consistent message where they said I just want to do something bigger. I want to do something not only for myself but what is it that I’m leaving behind. How am I leaving my legacy? So I became very passionate about that topic about leaving a legacy.

To me it made the work that I was doing that much more meaningful because I started to contribute to these women.Their legacy and my part in it was just really satisfying to me. So this podcast has everything to do with celebrating it celebrating the good it’s celebrating the bad. It’s celebrating the ugly and I happen to think that they’re really failures you just feedback and it gives you a great perspective on what’s working what’s not. And so what happens is when you start to listen to these leaders and what it is that they’ve done to leave their legacy in the process you can learn just a ton. Right.

You can learn so much about that and for that that is really might be the whole idea. The reason why I’m so passionate about this topic and what I also want to share is just things that I come across as we go through different shows and themes and concepts I want to share with you what I have found through my seven years of being an entrepreneur. The formula that works things that are working for me things that I have personally implemented not only in my own business but also in my clients, for my clients.

Right. So what it is that they’ve incorporated so that they can leave their legacy. So these little tidbits are I mean the intention behind it is for me to leave you that blueprint for me to leave you those little pieces of gold the sage advice if you will of what’s going to help you get ahead. So if you are thinking about leaving your job if you are thinking about forging ahead and doing your own thing or maybe you are already doing your own thing and you just want to check in and say OK I’m not crazy I’m not crazy for wanting to do this and really tapping into the gumption of what it takes to make this happen. Because here’s the deal. I have news for you. And let’s not just talk about it let’s be about it. And what does that mean.

It is, whatever we’re sharing putting it into action really creating the right perspective for what it is that you want more than anything because I suffered from this myself. It was alack of clarity. And I just want to give you clarity. So with that that is really the impetus for him Her Legacy Podcast and him and I ask you over and over again what is your legacy?

What do you want to leave behind? What’s important to you? Because I know for me as I’m turning the corner into this different phase in my life where I have had a great career

And me and my kids are getting older. I just want to leave more of an impact so that’s what I’m passionate about. I’m seeing this over and over again with the clients that I’m working with the topics that are being discussed and want to celebrate that. So thank you for being here. I look forward to providing the inspiration that I know that I believe that you can have by listening being involved be a part of this whole movement of Her Legacy Podcasts. And with that thank you so much. We’ll see on the next one.

Thank you so much for joining us on this episode of Her Legacy Podcast. Make sure to hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already done so. That way you won’t miss any of the episodes. Also if you’re feeling very generous please head on over to iTunes give us reading and review. I love the five stars but more importantly in the review section.Let me know where are you from. What are you doing? What’s your business? How are you leaving your legacy? I want to know leaders so that way I can give you a shout out on my show.

So take advantage of that I would love to hear views of that we’re really creating momentum here with what we’redoing out here at Her Legacy Podcast will see you next time. Thank you so much for being here.




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