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Hey there, Patty Dominguez, here. Thank you for joining me on episode 101. Yeah, 101. And today’s episode is about a chronic issue that I see happen all too often, where you are literally leaving money on the table like easy money, so to speak, leaving it on the table because of this one thing. How’s that for creating curiosity? Okay, so before we go into this awesome show that I’m about to drop, do not forget, The CAFE Call is this week,, CAFE standing for, not just my love for coffee, but CAFE stands for Corrective Action, Faster Earnings. So it is a call, an ask me anything style zoom call, where you can ask your questions alongside a whole host of entrepreneurs that maybe are suffering from random acts of marketing, or perhaps they’re just stuck in thinking like, okay, how do I get unstuck? One of the best things you can do is head on over to And the best part is it’s complimentary.
We had great discussions every single month. And in fact, one of the strategies that I shared last month, people were just like, oh my God, this is so awesome. It’s easy to do. What happens is when people get this new idea, they grab it and go, and it turns into something new, an asset that they can create for themselves, a way to engage with their premium prospect, a way to carry the message out further. So if you are looking for those kind of strategies, because let’s face it, even though somebody else is asking, what is that they can do for their business, there are some tips in there that you can apply to your own business. So it is such a win-win. It is one of my favorite ways to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, and really help move the ball forward for you. And again, that can be found at It is happening this week, and in fact, is something I do every single month as an act of ainy, the reciprocity of life, which is a beautiful philosophy that was taught to me by the amazing mentor, Jim Fortin, and I pass it on every single month to you, Okay, and with that, let’s get on with the show, because this one is going to be good. You ready? I am. Alright, let’s go.


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