Am I Ready for High Ticket Offers?

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Hey there, my friend, thank you so much for checking out this episode of the Positioning to Profit podcast. Today, it’s episode 102, and I am going to be covering “am I ready for a high ticket offer?”. That’s the question I’m answering. So if you have been, you know, thinking about, oh, should I do a high ticket offer? Should I incorporate it? Am I ready for it? What do I need to look for? What’s the truth about it? Is it gonna work? How do I know what to include? Worry no more, I got your back girl. So that is going to be today’s show topic. 
Now, separately. Before we get started, I wanted to also remind you that the CAFE call, You can check out the next Ask Me Anything session that we have. It’s complimentary coaching that I do every single month, whoever shows up shows up and it’s really awesome, because we get to cover any questions, concerns, divine revelations, things that are keeping you stuck, so that if you jump on that call, I will give you the best advice I can to help move your business forward. And again, that is over at
Last thing, right now, we are offering a special trial offer of It is the women only entrepreneurs membership, where we cover the three components to help move your business forward. Number one is positioning to establish your category of one making the competition irrelevant. Number two are the business systems that you need in your business so that you’re not just you know, shooting in the dark, not quite sure of what’s going to stick but having the rigor behind what you’re doing in business, right. So I mean, this isn’t a hobby says this is assist, it’s a business. So we’re gonna help you there. And the third thing is accountability, super important. Nothing like having a community that’s got your back and really great coaching. We have copy coach Ali Edgar, who is also helping out with copywriting. And then yours truly helping you out private chat available 24/7, as well as two group coaching calls every single week. Yeah, you can claim your offer at And with that, I’m excited. Let’s get on with the show to talk about high ticket offers. Let’s go.


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