When it’s not just about the Mindset with Dr. Christine Kaczmar

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All right, all right, Patty Dominguez here with episode 103 of the Positioning to Profit podcast. Thank you for being here. So exciting every single week, when you check out the episode, it is giving you a little something something around positioning, little tweaks, you can make little seeds of awesomeness that you can incorporate into what you are doing to grow your brand, your business, the impact that you have, for the many you are intending to serve. Today is no different. In this episode, it is an interview, kind of like a interview, idea sharing fly on the wall type of scenario with my very good friend, Dr. Christine Kaczmar. She and I have been friends now for quite a while. And she also has her own brick and mortar business. She has a supplement company, she has an online presence, a really great following. And so with all the elements in play, and this may be you actually, you have all these awesome elements in play. But yet, you know, there’s something missing. It’s not always about mindset. It could also be just a little something within the business that you’re too blind to see because you’re in it, right, you’re in the thing. So we have a discussion. Once upon a time, I threw out an idea she shares exactly what transpired in this conversation in this podcast interview. And what really absolutely revolutionized her business to such an extent that she has created massive shifts in her income. So you get a sneak peek behind the scenes on what we discuss. And that is what I have for you today. So with that, here we go with the show. 
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