When Pain Becomes Your Purpose with Melanie Medland

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Hey there, Patty Dominguez here with episode 105 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. Thank you so much for being here. Today’s episode is featuring Melanie Medland from New Zealand. She is the founder of beautifulconversations.co.nz. And in this episode she is sharing so vulnerably her personal experience of how this pain that she has endured in her parenting adventure and helping her teenager has been really the catalyst for creating an impact that she’s having. So the title is “When Pain Becomes Your Purpose with Melanie Medland”, and I have to tell you, as a fellow parent going through my own setbacks with my son, so I have two boys and my teen has been got had gone through a lot of just different ups and downs and whatnot. And it’s such important work that Melanie is doing.
I want everyone to know, in the midst of the darkest pain that you may have, you just never know what comes out of that. And she has found real purpose in helping fellow parents with their setbacks as well. Such a powerful conversation to understand. And really, they also know that we’re all going through the human experience, and out of that can come a beautiful purpose. It really becomes fulfilling to see how your story can impact others, and in that process, you heal, but you provide that space for others to heal as well. super powerful. So I love this show for many reasons. And thank you, Melanie for being a part of it. And here we go with this show and stick around because it’s a really great one. All right, here we go.
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