Are You Busy or Productive?

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Hey there, Patty Dominguez here episode 106 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. I have a question for you. Are you busy or are you productive? That’s the topic for this episode because I have been hearing around, right, like around the way around how people are super overwhelmed and busy. And I’m like, are you really busy? Are you being productive? Or what’s happening here? Because I feel like people’s default sometimes just to say I’m overwhelmed, but what does that really mean? And so there’s a lot of meaning behind that that we can get into. But I’m going to steer it more to share with you what I used to do, and now what I do, and why I find that this has been really the secret sauce for me being super focused on what I want to create. So I’m imparting some of the shares that I’ve had, because I’ve done it all being in that state of overwhelm, I don’t live there anymore at all. So truthfully, when people say that I’m like, okay, I can’t necessarily relate. But I understand, right? I don’t live that way, but I understand. And that’s what I want to share with you to get you out of that state if you’re living there. Because I promise you, if you don’t take care of, it’s just gonna get worse and worse, and then it becomes a habit, we don’t want that that’s not productive habits, not coming from your higher self. So that’s the topic of the episode.
Today, it is a solo show. And just so you know, I started a new Facebook group, by the way, it is called Prolific Women Entrepreneurs. So just do a search on Facebook for Prolific Women Entrepreneurs and join the group. Because I’m sharing in there, The CAFE call, I’m sharing some of the things that I pass on to my clients as well as overall share. So we’d love to have you join it, check it out at Prolific Women Entrepreneurs. And with that, here we go.


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