How to Know if You are Working in Your Core Purpose

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Hey there, Patty Dominguez here, episode 108, thank you for being here. Today is a solo show. Alternate weeks, right? So I’ll do an interview, and then the opposite week, so I’ll do a solo show. So today’s a solo show, just you and me, me and you hanging out. And today I’m talking about how to know if you are working in your core purpose. The thing is, as entrepreneurs, there are many entrepreneurs that I talked to that have a myriad of ideas, you know, and say, “Oh, I could be doing this, and I could be doing that, or I could be doing here, I could be doing there”. So within all that, how do you know what is truly your core purpose? How do you know if you should be writing something out? Or if it’s something that you can also let go of, meaning, if you’re working toward your core purpose, and you’re testing out different concepts, how do you know if in fact, if it’s time to pull the plug on something, if it’s time to let it go? And so really simply, I have been there through this journey, right, since January of 2013. And I can impart some of the things that have worked for me, and certainly to show what happened with me. And when I really understood what my core purpose is, when it really gotten to a place of knowing.
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