When It’s Time to Transition Careers with Charlotte Heald

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Hey there! Patty Dominguez with episode 109 of the Positioning to Profit podcast. Thanks for being here. Hope you’re enjoying your summer if you’re in the US, if you’re outside the US, like my guest, Charlotte Heald, I guess they are in the middle of winter. Hopefully you’re keeping warm. So today’s episode is going to be all around transitioning careers, you know how to really know when it’s time to change, and for some people, it can be a really scary leap. But let’s face it, where I was, for example, when I was 22 or 23, when I finished school, and I was thinking about my career, I am nowhere near what I was thinking back that, right. In fact, did you know, according to this LinkedIn article, I have here in front of me that by age 50, the average person has held 12 different jobs in an effort to find “the right fit”. And so this also requires changing careers completely. But let’s face it, that can be a scary proposition. However, in this day and age, with everything going on in the world, more and more people are transitioning over to an online career meaning doing the thing that they’re doing, whether it’s coaching, starting an entrepreneurial endeavor, being a consultant, and then also tapping into the power of the online world.
So lots of people are doing it. And that’s exactly what Charlotte does. She shares her story of what she has been doing since once upon a time being a nurse, and then transitioning into what she’s doing now successfully, and how her calendar is booked full. So I think this is a very inspirational story that can help you too, if you are in that situation, thinking about transitioning careers. And even if you’re not, take a listen, because there’s always something that you can receive from successful stories like what Charlotte is sharing. So with that, thanks for being here again. And here we go.
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