How to Know When It’s Time to Quit

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Hey my friend! Thanks for joining me. This is episode 112 of the Positioning to Profit podcast. Super happy you’re here. Thank you for checking out this episode. Today is a solo show. I’m going to be sharing how to know when it’s time to quit, or if it’s okay to continue. And it is near and dear to my heart, because this topic has come up a couple of times, you know, especially as the entrepreneur journey really goes through the the ups and downs and whatnot. And this topic, while it’s not necessarily a marketing strategy, per se, but it is important to position yourself to profit. So the deal is how do you know if it’s okay to quit, and if it’s just being a quitter, or if it’s pushing through to make sure you keep going. So we’re going to be chatting about that one.
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