How to Find Your Brand Voice with Monica Lopera Nassar

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Hey there, Patty Dominguez with episode 116 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast, with my very special guest, Monica Lopera Nassar. So I had to take some spaces in there because I blend her last name into some weird concoction and she would not be too happy. But she is the Effortless Parenting Expert and we talk about her journey and finding her brand voice. What do I mean by that? I mean, have you ever been in a situation where you’re looking around and you’re wondering, like, why is that person having success? or why is she being so successful? Maybe if I do what she’s doing, then I will have success too. So it leads to comparison, itis maybe potential sabotage, it could lead to confusion, it could lead to self doubt all the things when in fact, this is part of the process where you have to find your brand voice, you have to find that lane, that the claim the lane, the mindshare that you want to capture. And so we have that discussion with Monica today. She has been in the entrepreneur space now for several years. And that was her struggle, once upon a time is finding that message that resonates with people on the receiving end, and all the things she went to to find her brand voice. So super excited to welcome her to this episode of the Position to Profit Podcast.
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