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Hello and welcome to Episode 119 of the Positioning to Profit podcast. Today’s solo show. I’m going to be sharing my take on how to leverage your time more, how to monetize more, and how to really expand your thinking around what’s possible, so that you’re working less and making more. So this is something where I have through trial and error, been in a situation where I’ve created great content, or so I think is, or I believe it’s great content, I should say, and then it doesn’t go anywhere, it falls on deaf ears, or people just don’t pay attention, or they haven’t even opened the email, or they didn’t look at the thing that you had, and you really put a lot of time and energy around it. So what happens? We get frustrated. We think, okay, this doesn’t work, so let me try something. No, let me try this thing, or let me do that thing, or let me go here go there. We look externally to find the answers. And while it is important to look for answers, it is also really important to reflect on what you’ve created, and see if there’s more that you can do with what you’ve created, so that’s really the impetus for creating this episode.
I’m sharing with you because I see this as a chronic issue where we are on the content hamster wheel, so and as part of that, I put together a course if you go to, it’s just a little mini course chock full of lots of value though., where I talk about how to repurpose your content. Okay, so what else do we have? Prolific Women Entrepreneurs Facebook group, if you haven’t already joined, I invite you to go to, to join the group over there. So it’s for women only. So sorry, guys, you can’t join. Basically, we’re sharing insights around being an entrepreneur, being in this entrepreneur space, and as always, I’m dropping intel on positioning to profit, because we’re in this game for the long haul. So with that, let us get on with the show. Here we go.

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