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How to Differentiate with Lizzy Cangro

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Hey there, Patty Dominguez! I am back with Episode 123 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. In this episode, it’s a special guest, somebody who is also a member of the Prolific Cafe community, the amazing Lizzy Cangro. She has just got the best heart. She is an international expert nutritionist, wellness coach, author, empowering women to love their bodies. And really the way that I see what she’s creating is a movement, which is super, super exciting. So she’s going to talk to us about her book, which she’s been creating, what her vision is, and really how she’s expanding the message of who she wants to attract in her business. So such a great example of somebody who is on purpose, who is really sharing what she’s doing with a lot of intentionality. So I’m really excited to share what Lizzy is doing, talking about her book and all the good stuff.
And before we get started with the show, I just want to remind you that you can find a whole host of positioning goodies, considerably positioning treasure chest, if you will, by just going to positioningtoprofit.com. Again, that’s positioningtoprofit.com. You’ll find the positioning quiz, other goodies in general, really all of the things that we’ve been putting together to help you to create your category of one making your competition irrelevant and really standing in your own power. And knowing that what you have to share is important because as I always believe your message matters. So lots of good stuff to cover. Looking forward to sharing this all with you. And with that, let us get on with the show. Here we go.


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