Why Entrepreneurs Fail

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All right, Patty Dominguez here with Episode 125 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. Thank you for being here, lending me your ears. Today’s show is a solo show. And I was so inspired by a post from Angie over on socials, where she asked a question “What do you think the biggest cause of entrepreneurial failure is?”, love those types of questions, simple in nature, yet really profound because it opens the doors to a whole lot of perspectives. And of course there’s a bunch of answers here that talks about commitment and your mindset. But those are really broad answers to a really profound question.
And so on today’s show, I’m going to be sharing what I posted and just kind of going more into detail about it. Because this one question is so important, as more and more people are venturing into being an entrepreneur, and it is a very sexy thing to say that you’re an entrepreneur, but it does come with a whole host of different complexities. I know, I went through it when I first quit my job thinking that because I had a degree, and MBA, and all these other things that that was going to help me enough, this is a piece of cake. Boy, was I wrong. So that’s really the gist of today’s show is just sharing those insights, some storytelling here, if you will, and really offering up a different perspective on what I have personally been through. And so I always say “Let my hindsight be your foresight”, with the intention I do these shows, is that for you to walk away with something to say “Hey, I remember that one thing that Patty talked about”, so that’s the gist. All right, so let us get on with the show. Here we go.


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