The Easy Sales Tool That Will Tip Over Your Prospect

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Hey there, Patty Dominguez here with Episode 129. Thanks for being here, hanging out with me today, checking out this episode. So that you can position your business to profit even more. Standing out like the authority you are, like the boss that you are. So every single week, I share a little something, whether it’s a solo show like today, or an interview with a fellow entrepreneur, it’s always with the intention to help you to position your brand to profit. Remember, your message matters as always. Today is no different. I’m going to be sharing a little strategy that I’ve used, it’s something that I created once, used it again and again and again. And if I am on a sales call, where the person on the receiving end is feeling really good about the information that they’re hearing, and they are almost there to the point where they say yes, I’m in, I have a little tip over moment tip, something that you can show them that will inevitably tip them over. It works. In fact, dare I say, it’s probably worked 100% of the time that I’ve used it. 
So that’s my little secret of what I’m going to be sharing here with you today and it’s easy to do. You’re going to love it. It’s going to be something that you’ll remember me every time and say man, Patty was right. Patty just really killed it with this one tip. And if that’s not enough curiosity peeking for you. Yes, stick with me, because I’m going to share exactly the words that I use in the way that I parlay this entire process in a way that helps you tip over that prospect. Ready? Alright, let’s get on with the show. Here we go. 

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