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Hey there! Patty Dominguez here. Thank you for joining me on this Episode 133 of the Positioning To Profit Podcast. Today, we are talking about some of the key elements to building a personal brand. As you know, and as you may have heard, Elon Musk bought Twitter. It got me thinking, “Wow! The immense power of a personal brand.” He also influenced the crypto market. I just really marvel at the power of personal brand building, and how so many people rely are influenced to move the needle, move the actions that they’re taking based on the people that they follow, and how we can do that for ourselves as well. And so I’m going to demystify some of the things that I see, and how it’s a lot easier than you think once you have the recipe for building a personal brand.
So that’s the topic of this episode. But what’s really cool about that is that it’s totally doable. Yes, you can too, build a brand just like Elon Musk has, and all these other celebrities and influencers, etc. Also, if you’re interested in finding out more about Positioning Club, go to It is a new offering that will be introduced next month in May. But in the meantime, we’re just putting the final touches on it, and I’m really excited to bring it to you. But you can imagine it’s going to include essentials for positioning your brand and your business to profit. So you can find out more join the waitlist at Really excited to bring it to you. Yeah, and with that, let’s talk about personal branding in this episode. It’s going to be a good one. All right, let’s get on with the show. Here we go.

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