The Power of Differentiation for Your Personal Branding

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Hey there, friend! Thank you so much for checking out this Episode 135 of the Positioning To Profit Podcast. I am so honored, so happy, so grateful that you’ve decided to lend me your ears. Today, we are talking about Personal Branding and Differentiation, just how important it is, especially if you are a solopreneur small business owner looking to build a brand, because that’s where the longevity comes into play. So there are some things that I can share with you around big brand building, having worked in big corporations, and just what that means. And then what about that is translatable to us, to the solopreneurs, to the small business owner, that we can deploy and utilize as a competitive tool to stand out uniquely, right? That’s what this is all about.
Yes, I talk about Positioning quite a bit, but today, I’m going to even zero in further on the supreme importance of differentiation and what it looks like. I also have a really great story to share with you because I’m seeing more and more of the importance of celebrating the thing that makes you different. I’m over on TikTok, you can check me out @thepattydominguez. If you also do a search on Positioning to Profit, I’m going to come off. So do join me over there on TikTok. I’m TikToking, I’m talking, so yeah, join me over there on TikTok. And that is the gist of the show. Really excited to share what I have for you today, just some realizations I’ve been having, some aha moments, some of the epiphanies that I feel so compelled to share, because I know it will help you too. Cool? All right. And so with that, let’s get on with the show. Here we go.

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