Letting Go of Procrastination with Deni Mariscal

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Hello, my friend! This is Patty Dominguez, here with another episode of the Positioning to Profit Podcast, episode 140. Can you believe it? We’re at 140! Today is a guest show with Deni Mariscal who is known on YouTube as the Subconscious Healer. So we talked about her career as an entrepreneur, how she started out on one path and then moving to another path. So there’s a whole lesson there on being able to be nimble and being open to pivoting. Yes, I hate that word sometimes when it’s time to pivot, but the other side of it is that, through this exploration, she has really fine-tuned and honed in on the thing that sparks joy for her in her career. And that’s what brings me to the Subconscious Healer.
So here’s the thing, we have a whole conversation on procrastination, and while you may have heard about tactics, and here are the three things that you can do for your procrastination, what if I told you it’s not about the procrastination? Actually, it never was about the procrastination. What if it is just something deeper? And so we explore that conversation of these insidious self sabotaging habits that show up in our entrepreneurial career. So Deni has an intimate understanding of that, and she shares more on that very thing of what you can do. And before we get on with the episode, if we haven’t connected on TikTok, please let’s connect, thepattydominguez. I share marketing business, sound bites that are punchy and short, and to the point mixed in with my love of coffee, and of course, my GenX sensibility all sprinkled with a side of woo, because let’s face it, I’m woo. All right. With that, let’s get on with the show. And here we go.


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