Is Your Positioning Effective?

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Hey there, my friend! Thanks for checking out this episode of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. It is episode 141, and today, we are doing a little bit of a pulse check to find out if your Positioning is indeed effective or if you are setting yourself up for random acts of marketing. We want to make sure that that’s not the case, right? So stick around for today’s show. I’m going to be asking you some pointed questions if I do say so myself, again, just to check in just to make sure that you’re on track to make sure that all of these efforts that you are making are indeed going to provide for you the movement in the right direction for what you want to create with your business. Because the alternative to that is like I mentioned, the random acts of marketing, which leads to super tepid results, and more importantly, disappointment, and we don’t want to waste time. So stick around this is the topic of today’s show. 
Before we go any further, I am just also checking in to make sure are we connected on TikTok yet, because if not, this is your invitation to connect with me on TikTok. I would love for you to connect with me on TikTok, this is where I am posting a whole lot of information and making the most of that platform to engage at a more personal level, where I’m sharing little tidbits, little snippets real quick bites, usually under about a minute, half a minute or so where I’m engaging more purposefully with you all who are interested in Positioning to Profit. So again, catch me over on TikTok. It is thepattydominguez on TikTok, and it would be my absolute pleasure to connect with you. And with that, let us get on with the show for the pulse check. Here we go.

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