Will a Low-Cost Offer Hurt My Positioning?

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Hey there, my friend! Patty Dominguez here with episode 150. What a milestone this is! I’m excited! Thank you for checking out the episode. Today is a solo show, it is me and you. And I am answering a question from a listener who contacted me with, I think, a really great question. So with what’s happening in the economy, people are changing their offers a bit. But the question was, how do you make a low cost offer without sacrificing your Positioning? Really great question, right? So that is the premise of today’s episode, because this is going to be a really interesting perspective, as well as giving you some strategy behind the scenes as to how you can deploy this. Because we always want to stand out, right? We don’t want to commoditize what we do, and I’ll talk a little bit more about that. 
So there’s going to be some tech nuances to today’s episode, but I promise I am going to KISS (Keep It Super Simple), so that you just have the gist of what you can deploy in your own business. So again, how do you create a low cost offer without sacrificing your Positioning and the Authority Positioning that you may have? Alright, so that is what we have for today. Also, do not miss Positioning Club, which is my latest offer, you can catch it at PositioningClub.com. It is marketing and mindset in your pocket, every single month, chock full of courses, open Q&A calls, as well as in an amazing newsletter that I send out every single month, and lots of other goodies. That’s available at PositioningClub.com. All right, with that, let’s get on with the show. And here we go.

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