2022 Year in Review & Lessons Learned

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Hey there! Patty Dominguez here with episode 161 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. Thanks for joining me today. This is a solo show, simple show, just to cover 2022 year in review, reflections of the wins and woes. And I’m going to keep it really, really simple, no sassy intro or anything like that, we’re just gonna go right into the lessons learned. 
I hope you will find this helpful. And as you’re listening to this, Happy Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! I look forward to continuing to serve you via this podcast, via the programs, coaching, and anything else that you choose to engage with as we go into 2023. I got your back. No worries there if you require some Positioning help, you know how to get a hold of me, go to Positioning to Profit. And with that, we will catch you on the next episode. Thank you.

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