10 Lessons Learned In 10 Years Of Business

Welcome to Positioning to Profit Podcast, episode 163! Today’s episode marks a special milestone for me, celebrating 10 years of being an entrepreneur. To commemorate this achievement, I am going to be sharing my 10 biggest lessons learned over the past decade. Also, in celebration of this milestone, I created a virtual event called the “Damn! Wish somebody would have told me that…” Virtual Summit. This event features 32 women in business sharing 99 golden tips to help you move your business forward. To learn more, go to prolificwomensummit.com.
Patty’s 10 Big Lessons Learned:
1. Entrepreneurs create money.
2. Know your worth, and value your value.
3. Systems are essential in your business.
4. If you have to change the fruits, you will have to change the roots.
5. Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better.
6. Be the obvious authority.
7. It’s either a “hell yeah!” or a “no”.
8. The comfort zone will not stretch itself.
9. Life is a game, not a battle.
10. Be unfuckwitable.
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