Ep 168 – The Path to Peace & Prosperity with Victoria Rader

Hey there, Patty Dominguez here with episode 168 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. I hope you’re enjoying your day and your week. Thank you for being here!

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Today’s episode features guest Possibility Coach Victoria Rader, Ph.D. Our focus is on peace, purpose, and prosperity—three things that we could all use more of. Victoria believes that the universe answers the questions we ask and that true freedom is born and protected within. She encourages us to be aware of our current circumstances and to recognize that we need to go through stages of progression to move from survival to success and significance. To do this, she suggests we start by asking ourselves what is working beautifully in our lives right now and then taking action on the answer we receive.
Victoria also discussed how her upbringing shaped her career today and the valuable lessons she learned. She also shared the story of one of her clients, who, through Victoria’s guidance, was able to launch two businesses, a transportation business and a bakery, even in the “worst possible economic climate.” Finally, Victoria shared her vision for the future of her company, which is to continue to grow it through her team of coaches, who share the message of possibility and co-create special programs and products.
Tune in to hear the full conversation and learn what’s possible when you have the right perspective on what you want, finding that peace and purpose and, and really achieving what we’re looking for.
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Victoria Rader, Ph.D. Possibility Coach™, transformational speaker and founder of YU2SHINE empowers coaches, entrepreneurs, and people that seek personal development to grow in all areas of their life through the proven formula of success so that they have more PEACE, PURPOSE, and PROSPERITY. She is an eight times bestselling author and creator of Empower-mE and Master-mE apps, founder of Free mE EFT and Quantum Freedom. who is globally recognized along with Brene Brown, Richard Branson, and others for creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, and contribution to sustainability and mental health projects with CREA GLOBAL AWARD by Brainz Magazine.

🎁 Visit http://manifestmiracles.me/ to sign up for Victoria’s free Manifest Miracles Masterclass.



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