Ep 178 – Boosting Energy and Overcoming Resistance for Success with Jennifer Lyall

Hey there! Patty Dominguez here with episode 178 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. Thank you for being here.

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Today’s guest is Jennifer Lyall, an intuitive business mentor and chief energy optimizer. Jennifer guides conscious entrepreneurs to trust their intuition, gain clarity and focus, and usher more abundance into their lives and businesses.

The episode revolves around the energy of being seen, a common issue among clients and Jennifer herself. Women over 40, especially Gen X, may have barriers up related to video and social media that are holding them back from achieving their vision. The program, “Ready to Be Seen,” offers a three-week intense incubator for entrepreneurs to release top blocks that hold them back. Jennifer shares the importance of checking your inner battery as often as your phone battery, clearing resistance, and managing energy consistently to show up as the desired version of yourself.

If you’re grappling with doubts about making life-altering decisions, like a career shift or pivot, Jennifer’s insights could be the beacon you need. Tune in to this episode to learn how to recognize and manage your energy and step confidently into the spotlight.



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Jennifer Lyall is an Intuitive Business Mentor and Chief Energy Optimizer. She mentors powerful entrepreneurs with a big vision to bring to life master their energy, thinking and time and scale their business doing what they love. She helps conscious entrepreneurs gain clarity, focus and trust their intuition so they can bring their million dollar ideas to life and scale to their next level in business, doing what they love. She works with entrepreneurs around the world to believe in their magic and multiply their income launching new offers and charging their worth. She has a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours from Ryerson University and she worked in Marketing and Event Planning the Corporate and Not-for-Profit worlds for over 15 years. She started her business in 2008, with a focus on wellness, which shifted into encompass spirituality in 2012. She has grown her business online, expanded her team, and been through dozens of launches. 


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