Ep 180 – Overcoming Burnout: Tips for Entrepreneurs from Jeffrey Mort

Hey there! Patty Dominguez here with episode 180 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. Thank you for being here.

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📚 Timestamped overview

[00:00:00] “Mental health tips for entrepreneurs with Jeffrey.”
[00:04:09] Health issues led to health coaching career.
[00:09:58] Functional medicine labs show adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, infections, food sensitivities.
[00:15:08] Foods can cause symptoms days after consuming.
[00:18:30] Young girl’s migraine headaches cured with treatment.
[00:24:11] Free wellness tips, smoothie guide, complimentary consultation
[00:29:00] Lab tests, personalized plans, and appreciation expressed.


On this episode of Positioning to Profit, guest Jeffrey Mort joins host Patty Dominguez to discuss the impact of mental health on entrepreneurship. Mort emphasizes the need to look for underlying root causes of mental health issues and how food sensitivities, mineral imbalances, pathogenic infections, and even leaky gut can affect mental health. Mort also directs listeners to his website, Love Energy Wellness, where they can learn more about personalized health plans based on lab results and receive free pro health tips every week.

Additionally, Mort shares his experience helping a young lady with migraines and shows how a personalized protocol allowed her to regain her childhood and transition into adulthood without the burden of migraines. The episode offers insights for those feeling burnt out or uninspired and aims to help small business owners position themselves effectively and increase profits.


Based on the key facts and points provided, here are 5 things that a listener might learn from this episode:

1. Mental health is a big issue for entrepreneurs, especially for those who work alone and have no time for sick days or low energy.

2. Certain foods can cause symptoms such as brain fog or migraines, even days after being consumed, and there’s a simple test to identify sensitivity to over 300 different foods.

3. Other factors, such as mineral imbalances, pathogenic infections, and even leaky gut, can also affect mental health.

4. At-home functional medicine lab tests can help individuals identify underlying root causes of mental health issues, and personalized wellness plans can be created based on the lab results.

5. The speaker, Jeffrey Mort, is an integrative health practitioner and health coach who can help entrepreneurs improve their health and overall well-being through a de-stress protocol and personalized support.


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Connect with Jeffrey Mort


Jeffrey Mort is a mental health advocate who understands the struggles that come with being a solopreneur in the entrepreneurial world. He believes that mental health is a big epidemic, especially for those who are constantly busy and don’t have time for sick days. Jeffrey is passionate about providing information on mental health that may not be seen by conventional medicine. He hopes to help people improve their mental health and achieve their personal and business goals.

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