EP 181 – How to Leverage Podcast Audiences to Grow Your Personal Brand with Kelly Mosser

Hey there! Patty Dominguez here with episode 181 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. Thank you for being here.

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📚 Timestamped overview

[00:00:00] Top podcaster discusses effective podcast guesting.
[00:03:07] Experience in ops and meditation coaching led to podcasting.
[00:07:42] Podcast labor compared to event hosting.
[00:11:26] Podcast guesting must be strategically planned.
[00:16:51] Call to action: Download 5-part healing series.
[00:21:38] Initiate collaboration, not pitch. Be proactive.
[00:23:58] Collaboration for podcast guesting benefits audience growth.
[00:28:52] Focus, data, patience – successful decisions take time.
[00:30:37] 7 strategies to find podcasts for guesting.
[00:33:34] Our channel: content, community, connection.


On this episode of Positioning to Profit, host Patty Dominguez brings on guest Kelly Mosser, who combines her experience in startup strategy and operations with spirituality to mentor business owners on growth strategies. Kelly believes in leveraging existing podcast audiences filled with ideal clients to grow businesses and provides valuable advice on how to create an irresistible call to action at the end of each episode. She also shares the power of podcast guesting and offers a free digital guide to help pitch yourself as a guest on podcasts. Additionally, the episode focuses on collaboration and serving the audience rather than solely promoting one’s agenda. Tune in for essential tips on podcast guesting and establishing credibility as an authority.


Based on the key facts and points provided, here are 5 things that a listener might learn from this episode:

1. The power of podcast guesting to grow visibility, build brand authority, and connect with potential clients for coaches, healers, strategists, and other entrepreneurs.
2. Strategies for finding shows to be guested on and getting booked as a guest up to three times weekly on average.
3. How creating a podcast guesting strategy can save time, establish credibility, and cross-pollinate with different channels, positioning yourself as an authority.
4. The importance of approaching guesting on podcasts as a partnership and collaboration, rather than as just asking for something from the host.
5. Tips for creating a call to action that is irresistible, high value, and memorable for listeners, as well as how to leave a lasting impression as a guest on a podcast.


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Connect with Kelly Mosser


Kelly Mosser is an entrepreneur with a background in strategy and operations, having worked at a wellness startup as the Director of Strategy and Operations. She grew the business from two brick and mortar locations to seven in three years. Kelly also has a passion for meditation and coaching, which led her to start a side hustle coaching people on their mental health journeys. As she grew this side hustle and mentored other business owners, she realized the potential in podcasting to grow their businesses. Kelly now helps other entrepreneurs leverage the podcasting space to attract their ideal clients and grow their brands without the intense labor of growing an audience themselves.

WEBSITE LINK 🎁 kellymosser.com
🎁 Receive his freebie here: https://work.kellymosser.com/pitch-list

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