EP 183 – How to Find the Right Business Relationships with Andrea Petrut

Hey there! Patty Dominguez here with episode 183 of the Positioning to Profit Podcast. Thank you for being here.

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📚 Timestamped overview

[00:01:45] Positioning to profit podcast helps small business owners stand out by choosing the right relationships in business.
[00:04:21] Value yourself, know your purpose, set boundaries.
[00:08:34] Doubt, trust your instincts, observe signs.
[00:13:13] Client not fulfilling, need self-love boundaries. Stand your ground, let others choose.
[00:17:40] “Fear can be your friend, acknowledge it”
[00:22:20] Find 5 values for personal and business.
[00:26:16] Find clarity on Andrea Petru’s website.
[00:26:55] Thank you for joining, leave a review


On this episode of Positioning to Profit, host Patty Dominguez welcomes special guest Andrea Petrut, a co-empowerment coach, facilitator, and thought leader. In this episode, Patty and Andrea discuss the importance of finding the right relationships in business and the significance of values and integrity in determining their success. They share personal experiences of not being true to oneself and how it led to negative experiences in both personal and business relationships. The conversation emphasizes the need for introspection, understanding one’s gifts and purpose, and asking important questions about lifestyle and priorities to find inner alignment. They highlight the strength to say no when necessary and the empowerment that comes with it. Patty and Andrea also provide practical tips on how to observe others, trust your gut instinct, and take time to make decisions. The episode aims to guide listeners on how to avoid getting into the wrong kind of relationships in business, such as taking on clients out of fear or desperation. These insights are valuable for entrepreneurs who often neglect self-reflection and understanding their true desires and goals. Join Patty Dominguez and Andrea Petrut in this episode of Positioning to Profit as they share valuable advice on choosing the right relationships in business and staying true to oneself.


Based on the key facts and points provided, here are 5 things that a listener might learn from this episode:

1. The importance of inner work: The episode emphasizes the significance of self-reflection and understanding one’s values, desires, and goals in order to make better decisions in business relationships.
2. The power of saying no: Listeners will learn how to set boundaries and confidently say no to relationships or opportunities that do not align with their values and goals, leading to more fulfilling and authentic business interactions.
3. Observing others to make informed decisions: The episode provides guidance on how to observe and evaluate potential business partners or clients by paying attention to their actions, attitudes, and treatment of others, which helps in making informed decisions.
4. The consequences of compromising oneself: The speaker shares personal experiences of compromising their own desires in business relationships, leading to wasted time, negative consequences, and an unpleasant work environment, highlighting the importance of staying true to oneself.
5. Empowerment through self-love and mentorship: Listeners will learn about the importance of self-love, self-empowerment, and seeking guidance from mentors or friends in navigating business relationships, leading to greater clarity, confidence, and success in their entrepreneurial journey.


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Connect with Andrea Petrut


Andrea Petrut is a firm believer in the power of inner work and values-based living. She understands that personal healing and breakthroughs are essential for healthy relationships, both personal and professional. Andrea has personally experienced the consequences of lacking self-awareness and clarity about her values and purpose. This led her to be involved in damaging relationships and business ventures. However, she has since learned to prioritize introspection and self-discovery. By asking important questions about her lifestyle, desired treatment, and what truly matters to her, Andrea has found her core and achieved inner alignment. Now, she filters every aspect of her life through her values, giving her the strength to confidently say no when needed. Andrea inspires others to do the same and advocates for the importance of self-worth and integrity in all aspects of life.

WEBSITE LINK 🎁 andreapetrut.ca
🎁 Receive her freebie here: https://andreapetrut.ca/

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