Overwhelmed with this whole pandemic thing?

Yeah, me too.

I’m so happy to share today’s episode.  As of the release date of this episode, we are in the middle of the whole Covid 19 pandemic. It has been a very trying time for small business owners and of course, the world as a whole.

When I initially was going through my processing of everything that was happening, I went into different phases of emotions: scared, overwhelmed, stressed and disbelief.  It’s like we are living in a movie right now. It’s not fun and it’s downright overwhelming. However, here is where our ability to decipher that everything in life is a choice, our reaction to what is happening is a choice. So within that perspective, there’s great peace I feel.

My go to person when I feel that uneasy feeling is Wendy Wise. She’s pretty damn special.

Wendy Wise was born an intuitive healer with gifts of vision and wisdom, and have been blessed to train by private invitation with mentors and elders to develop and hone my crafts. Throughout my time as a healer, I’ve had the privilege of speaking at events from small, intimate occasions through to audiences of more than 20,000 people in a range of locations around the world. I’ve created energetic shifts for hundreds of homeowners, high profile movie productions and big businesses in the USA and internationally.

She’s sharing her perspective on what you can do to maintain your energy during these tough times.

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