7 Timeless Marketing Rules That Matter Even During Tough Times

Consider this a pulse check of sorts to see how you’re faring with your marketing during this time and really all the time.

Here are seven rules that are considered timeless principles that are going to help you the really fundamentals and these are the things that are so key. So regardless of where we are, we have to make sure that we’re always holding true to the key fundamentals in your marketing and how you’re showing. 
  1. Understand who your customer really is
  2. Your business offer is not for everyone
  3. Your clients want what’s new
  4. Be a good storyteller
  5. The wealth is in your list
  6. The best thing that you can do is be polarizing
  7. Change as needed, so what got you here won’t get you there

And of course, before you have all of these elements in place, make sure that your positioning is on task.

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