Creating New Opportunities for Your Business with Nikole Pearson

Nikole Pearson is the founder of Peak Science Communications (PSC), started from a spare bedroom in 2007.

She has built a company where her team doesn’t have to choose between work and life. Over the past 13 years, her company’s commitment has been focused on people over profits which has enabled them to grow from a small technical editing company to a full-service environmental consulting firm. All while maintaining our core value of Connection.

Our conversation for this podcast is centered around being innovative in your business. How Nikole identified a need in her market. She took the initiative to provide a solution but at the time, the solution was not well received. Why? The timing was clearly off. So in her case, they decided to shelf the idea for another time.

Fast forward now with what is happening with social distancing, we know that in-person events for the short term are not going to be a focus for any business. So, Nikole is relaunching her idea because it is prime time to do so.  We explore what it means to be innovative, how to explore possibilities, and most importantly to recognize when an idea is good, but it may be the wrong time.

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