Small Business Marketing Tips from 2 Coaches Who’ve Been There with Sasha Korobov

Today’s guest is Sasha Korobov. She is a fellow business coach, you can find her at And one of the things that I enjoy is connecting with fellow coaches. Especially in around of marketing and I thought that it would be such a great show to highlight a fellow coach the marketing tips that we can bring to small business owners like you, and that’s the focus of this episode.

So it’s a really fun one, we talked about the different strategies, some of them very easy to employ, some of them are just little cautionary tales, tips tricks, the whole nine. So check out the show, we know that you’ll enjoy it!


Here’s How To Create More Leverage In Your Business

Whether you are a successful small business that has hit a plateau with your client acquisition or a solopreneur/micro-business looking for a solution to improve your marketing, we have two simple solutions to help you: 

1) The MoreLeverage Mentorship Program

a bespoke program where my team and I work closely with our clients to help implement a client acquisition infrastructure, streamlining processes, automating follow-up systems, and leveraging artificial intelligence (in part) to lower your cost per acquisition. 

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Our “all-in-one” CRM specifically curated to help service-based entrepreneurs and small business owners earning less than $10k/month. We include a complete suite of marketing, sales, and other on-demand courses related to building a service-based business. We also offer group coaching via Zoom, with an “Ask Me Anything” format as part of the membership. 

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