Visual Identity Tips with Barbara Hurst

Today we are featuring Barbara Hurst straight out of Switzerland, who is a Brand Identity Expert, and she’s a photographer who refined her message. And now she helps her clients standout with images that really create a new conversation no matter what the space they are in, so I absolutely love her heart. She’s super bright, and has a lot to say specific to how to stand out, which is, as you know, one of my very favorite topics. So this episode is intended to inspire. And also, I really give her a whole lot of credit for getting out of her comfort zone, because this is her first podcast, and I absolutely love it. And I applaud because all good stuff happens right outside of your comfort zone, so I applaud anybody who takes action in this way. So thank you, Barbara, for being on the show. It is very inspiring to hear your message, your gifts, and it’s such a joy to see you flourish.


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