How to Be Nimble With Your Business with Helen Iwata

Today’s show is a special one, because I’m featuring a fellow Maven. She’s in the Prolific Cafe community, her name is Helen Iwata. She is a success coach for women in Japan. The beautiful thing about her story is she’s such a great example of being nimble, really honoring your calling when you have this yearning to do something different and instead of staying in your comfort zone, really exploring what you can do when you have that calling. Because here’s the deal having or moving to something different, it does come with, of course, uncertainty and risk, and should I do it? And who am I? All kinds of things that can happen.

Helen’s such a great example of leaning into it being nimble and recognizing that on the other side of that is a huge opportunity that could definitely be fulfilling. So we’re going to hear her story today about how she’s crafted her new career, so to speak, she took a bit of a pivot and as a result, it’s been hugely rewarding. And for that we really honor her and promote what she’s doing with the Sasuga Success Cycle for women in Japan, revolutionary self care concepts that are not part of the culture. So the other side of it is that she’s really leaning into an introducing an entirely new concept challenging the status quo. So Helen is truly a changemaker, and you’re going to see just how she’s made that happen and hopefully bring some new, new concepts of philosophies that you can use for your own business. Thank you for being here. You’re going to enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed hosting Helen. 


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