Finding more Confidence in Business with Julie Clark

Happy New Year! Thank you for being here yet another year. And in 2021, with big plans and lots of ambition, we’re going to feature a new awesome Maven entrepreneur, Julie Clark. She’s the founder of the Healthy Mirror Method and she’s currently a part of my community, which is Prolific Cafe. You can find out more at We talked about the whole journey that she’s had thus far in terms of finding her flow, finding and owning her expertise and pricing. And we talked about how her confidence has gone up as a result of being able to put clarity to the way that she structured everything in her business. So it’s super, super exciting. And for Julie, I just think she’s so lovely, and I’m very excited to share her story with you today.

Now, also in anticipation of the fact that we want to make this the most awesome year, of course, I put together a masterclass called 5 Strategies to Bulletproof your Business in 2021. It’s complimentary. When you head over to, you can grab that masterclass, instant access, jump in and discover the 5 Strategies to Bulletproof your Business in 2021.


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