Finding Your Message to Market Match with Val Hemminger

Thanks for joining me on this episode of the Positioning to Profit podcast. This is episode 81. I have a very special guest, Val Hemminger, who’s a friend of mine and a dear client, and we are talking all about finding your message. She is going to talk about her trials and tribulations in figuring out this whole entrepreneurial thing. And in the process, we have some laughs, but one of the things that I will say about her is that she is tenacious, like you would not believe. So I commend her for that. She is a spectacular person, I absolutely adore her. And so this episode is really special just talking about the journey, and then finding your flow, and the whole process in between. So a really, really good episode.

Okay, and then you definitely want to check out I have a special workshop happening right now. It is a free masterclass for coaches, 5 Strategies to Bulletproof your Business in 2021, you can head on over to for the free workshop where you are going to discover the 5 Strategies to Bulletproof your Business. So it’s all about how to find your whitespace where others are just in a crowded bloody ocean of competition, the missing component your offers, especially if you’re not selling the single most lucrative business strategy that virtually no one takes advantage of to grow their income, and what the big brands do, because trust me, I have experience with that, to grow their reach that solopreneurs are completely missing out on. So again, head on over to


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