How to Not Over Give Your Content Away

Hey, friends! Thank you so much for hanging out with me. I’m very happy you’re here. But first, I want to check in with you. Have you taken advantage of jumping on The Business Trinity workshop? So it’s a workshop that I’m hosting for this month, where I put together a 4-part video series hosted by me, called The Business Trinity. It’s the key pillars to have in your business so you can stand out, leverage your time, and build a solid income foundation. Who couldn’t use more of that, right? So when you go to, you can jump in on that training. And then also, as part of that, you’ll also be alerted of an open AMA call, on open office hours. Ask Me Anything, February 25th, at 4pm Central time. And what’s cool about that is if you have questions on your marketing, where you’re stuck, the concepts that I cover in The Business Trinity, some ideas that maybe are just like, I don’t know, ruminating in your head, and you’re like, oh, I wonder if I could do this, or wonder if I could do that, rest assured I got your back. I’m going to give you the best answer that I can based on my experience. I’ve been in this coaching deal for quite quite a few years now. So I’m really comfortable doing AMAs and I absolutely enjoy them so much.

And then today’s show has everything to do with content creation, but I’m not going into the “how to”, I’m going into “how do you know if you’re giving it all away”, or “giving away too much”, or kind of pretty much in that status where I don’t know if this happens to you, but I see it, it’s a ramping thing, where people give it all away on a challenge, or don’t kind of restrain themselves from giving it all away. And then what happens is that people say “awesome, thanks”. Okay, thanks. And then they leave and they don’t buy. So if that’s happened to you, there’s a very good chance that you’re giving away right, so we’re gonna talk about that and just how to fine tune that right how to restrain ourselves from “giving it all away”, feeling depleted, feeling like, oh my gosh, what else is there to give? I’ve given it all away. And how much is too much? So all these things are what I’m covering on today’s show, it is a solo show. It’s just me. And if you enjoy this show, do not forget, and I ask you super nicely. If you wouldn’t mind heading on over to iTunes and giving me a testimonial for the show, in ratings and review that helps me tremendously to keep spreading the word about how you can position your business to profit because that’s what I love to talk about. So I got you, I’m here for you. Let’s go ahead and get started with this show.


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