Are You Too Available?

Today’s episode is a solo show, and I am going to be challenging some thinking. On this solo show, it’s going to prompt you to consider, are you too available? Are you too much out there in a way that is not creating enough intrigue? Because if you’re too available, this may be the reason why more people are not reaching out for your coaching. Maybe this is something that you agree with. Or maybe it’s not. And I’ll kind of give you the backstory there of why I believe that it’s not a good thing to be too available.

At the same time, I want to also invite you to check out a Clubhouse collaboration that I have cooking. It is every Wednesday, at at 11am Central time, I have paired up with my friend, Dr. Christine Kaczmar, and she and I are doing a weekly series where it’s called OG Lessons. And OG Lessons is really cool, because we are both such practitioners of Personal Development. I forgot who was the one that said, “We are forever changed for the people we meet and the books that we read”. And so we thought it’d be really cool to bring together a compilation of different philosophies, things, and prompting people to engage. And what better way to do that than on Clubhouse. So if you’re interested, follow me over on Clubhouse. And again, this is every Wednesday at 11am Central time. So super excited that we did a show already. And it’s just so cool to see people engaged and open up and share their perspectives or stories. It really, to me is such a great testament to the power of clubhouse where people who don’t even know each other, from different walks of life are coming together and sharing their perspectives and insights and in that process, we all learn together. It’s really cool and I really think that now more than ever just people are dying to connect. So that is what’s happening on Clubhouse every Wednesday.

And then specific to this episode, I am challenging the thinking that you should not be too available. And I’m going to be sharing exactly what I mean by that. And something for you to consider. Right? Maybe you can say, “I don’t agree with you whatsoever Patty”. Or you can take a look and say, “Huh, this is an interesting perspective, let me try that out”. I’m always about testing and tweaking. And this is no different. So I’ll be incorporating a little bit more of that. And I will be explaining exactly how I’m going to do that.



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